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Chervonyi Tik, selo

Address: selo Chervonyi Tik, Apostolivskyi raion, Dnipropetrovska oblast, Ukraine

Coordinates of Chervonyi Tik for Smartphone or Navigator (GPS/GLONAS)





The length of the borders of selo Chervonyi Tik

from North to South

2 km 949 m

from West to East

2 km 932 m

Geographical coordinates


47°39′45″ N


33°54′32″ E

Satellite maps of nearest to selo Chervonyi Tik settlements

Tik ... 3 km 363 m

Satellite map of Tik

Satellite map of  Tik

Chervonyi Zaporozhets ... 4 km 634 m

Satellite map of Chervonyi Zaporozhets

Satellite map of  Chervonyi Zaporozhets

Tokivske ... 4 km 777 m

Satellite map of Tokivske

Satellite map of  Tokivske

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